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The World We Live in (I dedicate this to my Friend)

When you are feeling sad,
When you are simply tired of life…
When you want to be mad,
When you find yourself on the edge of a knife…

When you can’t find the way,
When the things are complicated,
When you have to go, but do want to stay,
When you are so isolated…

You always come back somewhere,
Where we used to go so long time ago…
The small island is safely hidden there.
But you’ll find the secret way, I know.

And it’s raining now…

It’s been raining for so long,
But your minds are still there
On the small island outside the world...
Where nobody knows the way,
Where we used to laugh and cry,
We were ourselves, and it was OK,
Some things we did accept and did deny…

It was cozy and warm there as at home,
And there you could see no enemy,
There you could find the shelter from the storm.
It’s not so far, it is just in our memory

All the things in life we simply borrow.
You get it, then lose it, and wait for another…
And we can’t know what comes tomorrow,
But today…
. I’m happy that we have each other.


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